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Clear Choice Systems provides steroid testing!

It is hard for any parent to acknowledge the possibility their child could be abusing steroids or any other drug. Denial and wishful thinking can quickly lead a family down the path to destruction. Getting past this hurdle is crucial to identifying problems and ultimately rescuing a child from a potentially dangerous mistake, a mistake that could cause them serious harm or even death down the road.


One of the most obvious signals of steroid abuse is sudden muscle growth. Unusually fast bulking up, especially in the shoulders, neck region and across the chest and biceps often indicates steroid abuse.

Another easy sign of steroid abuse is an unusually significant break out of acne on the face, or even more common, on the upper back across the shoulders.

Look for mood swings or other shifts in behavior outside the norm such as a violent or combative attitude.

Often, the signs are subtle. Using mouthwash or excessive brushing due to foul breath can be an indicator of steroid use.

Paranoid behavior may become evident. Your child may become more secretive and closed off.

Steroids are frighteningly easy to obtain!

In this world of instant gratification and quick fixes, steroids are the ultimate esteem builder and they are readily available to children who are willing to ignore the serious side effects for short-term fulfillment. You have to be prepared to deal with that. You have to be ready to confront your child before things get out of hand.

Our Steroid Abuse Test Panel Tests for:

Tetrahydrogestrinone (THG)
Boldenone (Equipoise)
Clostebol (Steranobol)
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA)
Oxymesterone (Oranabol)

Oxandrolone (Anavar)
Stanozolol (Winstrol)
Flouxymesterone (Halotestin)

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